An article by Roderick Chip Fu Roachford.


Generation Hip Hop Global

M.A.A.T.H=Music Appreciation Art Time and Healing is a music workshop initiative that was formed to make sure our young people have a  therapeutic platform where they can be heard but most of all be themselves .The  Biggest problem that we have been faced with is the fact that Arts have been removed from the school system , so there is no other way for our teens to express themselves creatively . M.A.A.T.H has been brought into several schools/colleges  and housing projects to fill that void.


By establishing the needs of our youth ,several workshops have been set up underneath the umbrella to further cater to the needs of our youth. We have classes  where Teachers who teach different subjects work with us to enhance their curriculum by incorporating  new and  improved teaching methods used by our M.A.A.T.H teachers /facilitators. By partnering up GHH we will become part of the educational arm of the company to introduce and spearhead this way of teaching Hip Hop education to the different countries that represent  the GHH (Generation  Hip Hop ) Brand.


We at the M.A.A.T.H program are super excited to be a part of the change and healing that needs to take place across the countries and world . Because of what we are going through at this time , the old norm, concepts and the way we viewed things have changed. It’s time to implement a new way of teaching, thinking and Educating so we are proud to partner up GHH to help establish these new methods .

by Roderick Chip Fu Roachford